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New Bottle ideas

The bottlePosted by Sandra Tue, January 20, 2009 12:06:32
After months of contemplating about the botte I have come to the conclusion, that it's nearly impossible to fill the fertilizer into designer bottles. Because those bottles would need to be produced in very small quantities and cost a hell lot of money.

Plus: I still did't get any of my talented friends to make a design. Not speaking of product renderings or any other kind of pictures of the product.

So I re-thought the bottle idea.

Not putting it into a bottle would mean, I am dropping the second buying reason. So I will stick with a bottle. But I will switch to take super normal bottle and refine them.

With refining I mean:
Decent logo sticker with handwritten serial number and desciption. List of contents on an extra sheet, printed on good and simple paper.

For the bottles I thought I might go switch to infusion-bottles.
The best inspiration I found so far is http://www.bormioliroccoglasspack.com/

So I am thinking and thinking on. If you have something to say please leave a comment or just drop me an email.


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