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A new web

The webPosted by Sandra Wed, September 24, 2008 22:40:44
I am working nearly day and night to get the CMS system Joomla! running. But no matter how easy open source might be, its not that simple and takes some brains and minutes.

Anyway: the first test-shop is already up and running. All I need now is pictures of the florijanna ferlizer.

Plus: I talked with my dad about the naming "fertilizer" and he is completely right. It's boring. It's old. And it does not fit the target group. By the way: if you would like to help with the project, just let me know. Drop me a line.

called the online freak

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Test web online

The webPosted by Sandra Sun, July 20, 2008 06:37:08
Despite I should have spent that one night sleeping and powering up for my diploma, I had to get something online. And I hereby proudly present:

The first test web of florijanna.com is online!

I am still looking for:
- a cooler logo
- bottledesigns
- bottleproducers
- people who like to talk about florijanna

feel free to mail me

I will take a nap now, Cheers,

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Domain codes arrived

The webPosted by Sandra Fri, July 18, 2008 14:18:21
Today the domain codes arrived in my email box. I registered the domain just 3 days ago with www.one.com Now I want to build up the webpage www.florijanna.com

You might ask yourself: Why the heck is somebody spending the free time with fertilizer?

Its quite simple. My dad is selling fertilizer. Some time ago we talked about the "main target group of fertilizer". (This is ok - I study dialoge marketing and he is working in marketing too.) And I told him: I would rather try to open up new targetgroups for fertilizer than selling the 255th fertilizer to the current, quite old target group. He shook his head back then, telling me, that this is undoable.

Some weeks later I had the idea to create "florijanna" because I wouldnt want to take this headshake for real. To reach the new, cooler target group it should have the following: A fertilizer that has enough style to keep the bottle out all year long. No more hiding the uggly bottle. No more stinky fertilizer. It shall have a good smell. It shall have sexy packaging. To keep it shot: It shall revolutionize the fertilizer.

Sounds a bit like Che you might think. Right. I am aware of that. Still I want to try it out. So I registered the domain and will try to start up florijanna - the fertilizer with style. with building a homepage. Let s see how many peope are interested in the product!


p.s. by the way: feel free to mail me.

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